Equal opportunities, fair access and diversity
Tender Heart consistently and positively celebrates differences. We affirm the importance of equal opportunities because we –

  • Believe each person should be treated with gentleness and respect
  • Are committed to giving people equal opportunity and treating all people fairly
  • Welcome all people
  • Acknowledge our legal and performance obligations
  • Understand effective equal opportunity policies are a key part of the achievement of a quality business
  • Acknowledge that in society certain groups and individuals are unfairly discriminated against.


Each one of our residents has encountered a very personal journey before stepping through our doors. In recognition of this, we realise the importance of providing unique and personalised services using the person-centered approach to meet individual needs which ultimately help our residents continue successfully on their journey towards independence and social inclusion.

Our residents’ backgrounds and personal sets of circumstances are unique and we take comfort in knowing that our help and support can change their lives for the better. Through providing the right support and appropriate levels of care in our supported living accommodation, our residents are able to refocus and rebuild their lives. As their independence grows, they find themselves able to make the right choices in order to maximise their potential, thus becoming confident members of the community and discovering lasting stability and happiness.

About Us


Tender Heart Support Services has a robust quality policy. This is available on request. Simply use the contact form below.


Tender Heart Support Services exists to bridge the gap of a smooth transition from dependence to independence; offering opportunities for improving and sustaining the quality of life of people who require additional support to maintain and enhance their independence in the community, using a person-centered approach.


  •  Customer-focused.
  • Person-centered approach.
  • Embracing diversity.
  • Compliance with legislation.
  • Continuous improvement and
  • Effective use of resources.
  • Offering value for money.
  • Integrity.
  • Teamwork.

Core service principles:

We are guided by the following principles for every service provided:

  • We strive to promote the dignity, respect, independence, and quality of life of our service users.
  • We adopt the person-centered approach in the delivery of our services which enables us to promote service user choice and ensure their full participation.
  • We work in collaboration and partnership with service user families, service user support system, and other providers of health and wellbeing services to ensure that we continue to deliver bespoke service to our service users.
  • We respect and embrace diversity amongst our staff and service users regardless of race, age, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and social status.
  • We ensure the monitoring and promotion of service-user health and wellbeing.
  • We strive to promote and maintain the health and safety of our staff and service users.

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