Tender Heart Community Centre

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Tender Heart Community Centre

Tender Heart Community Centre

Tender Heart community centre is located in the heart of Plaistow, Newham that exists for the purpose of providing a high-quality service for individuals in the local community. We offer an extensive range of services to meet the needs of the local community and are devoted to frequently reviewing services and responding to change. We aim to work closely with service users to ensure that they are at the centre of our work. We provide a place where people can come and safely share their thoughts, experiences, and also air their views confidently and comfortably.

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Complaints, compliments and comments

Tender Heart aims to provide an efficient and effective service at all times. However, sometimes things go wrong and when this happens we want to remedy matters quickly.

We welcome your complaints, compliments and comments; everything you say helps us to understand your views about us. Your views are essential in helping us aim for continuous improvement.

Tender Heart is a customer-focused service provider. As such we strive to offer the highest standards of service and are committed to seeking regular feedback from customers and other stakeholders to confirm the quality and continued relevance of the services we provide.

Having looked at, listened to and checked all quality standards recognised as measures of good performance by stakeholders, within and beyond Tender Heart, we are committed to remedial action, where necessary, as we are always seeking ways of improving our services.

We also recognise the importance of this process and it’s transparency for our continued business success.