Support Services

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Support Services

  • Help in completing benefit forms and claiming benefits, especially housing benefits
  • Help in managing finances and benefits
  • Help in maintaining personal safety and security
  • Supervision and monitoring of health and wellbeing
  • Supervision and monitoring of medication
  • Developing skills in cooking, shopping and chores
  • Help in establishing social contacts and gaining access to community services
  • Help in returning to Education, training and employment
  • Compliance with service specification from referral routes.


  • The project will be the responsibility of the manager of Tender Heart Support Services Ltd.
  • Support is provided by committed, qualified and experienced workers who have the ability to respond to the needs of the people in a 24 hour service cover.
  • Staff works closely with referral agencies; General Practioners, community Mental Health Teams and other statutory bodies as necessary to assist customers in maintaining their tenancy and well-being.
  • The support worker is responsible for all the day to day housing management and supervision.