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Every effort is made to create a warm and homely environment in all our accommodation. We strongly believe that supported housing, need not look and feel institutional.  Hence our accommodation is enchanting and unique. 

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We are ideally placed to encourage clients to take full advantage of the many social, educational and cultural opportunities available to them.

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This service is ideal for service users who are looking to return to the community after a spell in the hospital or whose placement in the community has failed.

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We work collaboratively with local authorities, as well as health and social care agencies, to help residents move towards making positive changes in their lives, leading to those all-important steps towards social inclusion, equality, independence and reintegration.

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05. FAQ

Support Services

Our goal each day is to ensure that our residents’ needs are not only met but exceeded.
To make that happen we are committed to providing an environment in which residents can enjoy a wide range of amenities that allows them to feel independent safe and secure all while having fun! 

Addition support for our service users

- Support with developing independent living skills
- Medication administration (where approved), monitoring and supervision
- Encourage and prompting clients to manage their own personal hygiene
- Supervision and monitoring health and wellbeing
- Setting up and maintaining tenancy
- Finance management and benefit claims
- Risk assessment and support planning
- Assistance with daily tasks and chores around the house
- Behavior management and social skills development
- Peer support and befriending
- Support with meal preparation, and shopping
- Support with planning and attending appointments, shopping, recreational needs
- Support with organising holidays and trips
- Support with engaging in therapeutic interventions
- Advice, advocacy, and liaison with external agencies
- Support with engaging in work and training opportunities

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